2015 ‘letter Fundraiser’ Template

Dear (personalize)                       


I will be playing baseball this school year for my high school.  Although the upcoming season is a months away, it is necessary to not only begin preparing for the challenges of a new league, but also raising the needed funds to field our teams. 


Unfortunately the school’s athletic budget is not adequate to cover the full amount of our team’s basic expenses.  In the past, my coach and all of my teammates primarily relied on local fund-raising support from family, friends and community businesses.     


However, during these hard economic times it has become more difficult for our reliable local donors, family and friends to continue to fully fund the basic needs of our 3 teams.  This year my teammates and I thought we would try to help our program by contacting out-of-town friends and relatives for support.  If you could help me and my teammates with a donation of any amount, it would be greatly appreciated.  Your contribution will go along way in our continued success both on and off the field.


Thank you very much for your consideration and support.


Please check out our new website at www.riversidepolybaseball.com for all the upcoming news about Riverside Poly baseball.  The site also lists all sponsors and donors that have contributed to our program needs.




(Players signature)


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Riverside Poly Baseball

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